PANDEM final conference to take place in March 2017

The PANDEM project has just announced that our final conference will take place on 15th March in Brussels, allowing the consortium to meet back-to-back with DG HOME’s Community of Users (CoU) meeting on Safe, Secure and Resilient Societies. This CoU was developed to encourage collaboration on security research, and to facilitate information exchanges between policy-makers, research, industry, practitioners and the general public.

The PANDEM conference will gather representatives from the European Commission, WHO, ECDC and other international bodies with stakeholders (end-users, industry, academics) from different fields (health, CBRN, security, crisis management).

PANDEM has conducted a comprehensive review of pandemic management, allowing us to identify gaps in technologies, systems and capacity at Member State, EU and global levels. A first expert workshop was held in February 2016, to identify best practice and define improvement needs for strengthening pandemic surveillance, communication and governance. Our consortium then conducted an integrated gap analysis and solution specification that was reviewed during the second workshop, held in September 2016. Synthesising the workshop’s results and the work of other EU projects, our consortium has since refined and prioritised potential solutions.

This conference will build on the project’s research into improving pandemic planning and response across governance, communications and surveillance. Following on from our the second Brussels workshop, the consortium will present a roadmap with priority solutions for the European Commission and EU member states, inviting cross-sectoral input into the tools, systems, networks and strategies being proposed. With over 1000 members of CoU in the crisis management, security and CBRN fields, this meeting will be a valuable opportunity to discuss strengthening the EU’s capacity to deal with the next pandemic or serious cross-border health threat.

Continuing the interdisciplinary approach taken throughout the PANDEM project, we will also be inviting policy-makers and experts from a variety of external organisations and institutions to feedback on our final roadmap and plan for a phase II project.

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The European Commission, via Sébastien Bertrand on Flickr.

The European Commission, via Sébastien Bertrand on Flickr.