Final conference: presentations and recap


Last week our consortium presented findings from the 18-month phase 1 PANDEM research project, covering good practice, research needs and priorities across surveillance, governance and communications for pandemic preparedness and response.

We would like to extend our gratitude to everyone who participated for sharing their insights and contributing to insightful discussions. If you would like to stay up to date with the future of the project and our research as it develops, sign up to our newsletter.

You can also find copies of the slides presented last week below.

0. PANDEM Final Conference – Agenda

1. Overview of PANDEM project – Máire Connolly

2. PANDEM findings – Policy, law and ethics- Richard Coker

3. PANDEM findings – Surveillance – Anders Tegnell

4. PANDEM findings – Communications – Iain Simpson

5. PANDEM findings – Diagnostic – Jean-luc Gala

6a. EU projects – PANDHUB – Ilpo Kulmala

6b. EU projects – COncORDE – Ilpo Kulmala

7. EU projects – EMERGE – Antonino Di caro

8. EU projects – Reaching-Out – Ebola Crisis Demonstration – Olga Vybornova

9. Pulling together – PANDEM Priorities for Research and Training – Darina O’Flanagan

10a. Experiences from Civil–Military Collaboration (CIMIC) and training -Mirko Thorstensson

11. PANDEM-CAP Simulator – Jim Duggan